OPINION: Cities Need for Speed on Housing Accelerator Fund

Our Province is home to four of the fastest growing communities in Canada, with over 100,000 people migrating to BC in 2021. In that year, only 47,607 new homes were started. Keeping up with this pace of growth puts a strain on municipalities.

OPINION: While Complex Care housing may not be a silver bullet, we need a new approach and we need it now

We’re on the brink of winter. Some of our most vulnerable residents, with the most complex needs are still out on our streets, even as the winds howl and the winter rains and snow will soon start to fall.

OPINION: Complex Care Housing Needed Now to Support Vulnerable People

British Columbians have been battling a pandemic for the past 10 months, doing everything we can to keep our communities safe. On the sidelines of COVID-19 another crisis continues to
rage, and it’s reached a tipping point in our communities.

OPINION: Urban Mayors Call on newly-elected B.C. Government to Expand Availability of Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment for Both Youth and Adults

During the election campaign the BC Urban Mayors’ Caucus released a Blueprint for BC’s Urban Future. It called on all parties to address mental health, substance use and treatment, affordable housing, public transit, and to develop a new, sustainable and predictable funding relationship with local governments. All of these issues are important to the well-being of our communities and the health of our economies